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"Why can't Jack Bergman answer this simple question?" – Letter

"Does Rep. Bergman consider President Biden the legitimate president or is President Trump the legitimate president?"

ALPENA, Mich. – Citizens from all across the political spectrum are doing great work holding their elected Representative accountable.

In a recent Letter to the Editor to The Alpena News, Northern Michigan voter Gary L. Parteka describes a phone interaction with Rep. Bergman's office on Oct. 28. He contacted Washington with a simple question. Parteka told Bergman's staffer he was thinking about writing The Alpena News and wanted his facts straight.

The simple question:

"Does Rep. Bergman consider President Biden the legitimate president or is President Trump the legitimate president?"

To Parteka's surprise, the staffer told him he would have to speak with the staff supervisor.

"Are you kidding me?" Parteka exclaimed in the letter. "I have to speak with your supervisor? You're a staff member, and you can't answer this question?"

After about four minutes, supervisor George came on the line, and when asked the same question, Parteka still couldn't get an answer.

"You mean to tell me you don't know the answer to the question?"

Supervisor George answered, "No."

Parteka asked George if Rep. Bergman would get back to him and was told his request would be passed on. He then requested an email answer if possible.

"I'm checking my email every day and still no answer," he wrote. "I think in a democracy, voters have the right to know the political views of their representatives. I am disappointed that Rep. Bergman still has not answered this question. I am asking other concerned citizens to urge Bergman to be more transparent with those he represents."

The beauty of our democracy is we can openly disagree with each other, including the President of the United States. This is an essential system of our government's checks and balances. In order for the debates to be constructive, everyone across the political spectrum – especially elected representatives – must operate from the fundamentals of truth. I'm disappointed Jack can't do that.

If you believe your Representative should be more transparent about their belief regarding who is President of the United States, Dr. Bob Lorinser needs your support getting to Washington.

Can you contribute today to ensure the election of an honest and ethical Congressional candidate? Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula deserve a change.

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