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We are committed to running a comprehensive, grassroots campaign to reach as many voters as possible across the district. Let us know what volunteer opportunities interest you.

Our fellowship program runs for 6 weeks and requires approximately 10-15 hours per week for political campaign training and core-team assistance.

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Dr. Bob Lorinser is an experienced diplomat, statesman, and physician from Northern Michigan running for Michigan's First Congressional District.


With your support, Dr. Bob hopes to serve and represent the Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan.

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In one word: Service. I have a strong sense of duty and hope to offer Northern Michigan true, honest and ethical representation.


You deserve a change. You deserve a Representative with a moral compass, integrity, someone who speaks the truth, and tries to embody all that is best in this great district.

━ Dr. Bob

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  • County Liaison Summit
    Multiple Dates
    Thu, Mar 30
    Mar 30, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
    The Dr. Bob Lorinser campaign is seeking two county liaisons in each of our district's 36 counties to lead campaign efforts. These positions will be at the core of our campaign and serve as county managers or team captains. We will summit on March 30th and March 31st.