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Women's Healthcare

As a family physician for over 40 years, Dr. Bob Lorinser has a strong reverence for life, but believes a patient's room is too small for a woman, her doctor, and the entire federal government.

Dr. Bob is both an advocate of life and a proponent of choice, privacy, and individual liberty. He will support proven measures to reduce abortion but maintains it is a right for all pregnant US citizens.

Women's reproductive care is a highly emotional debate connected to various issues — individual healthcare rights, privacy rights, freedom of religious expression, and the appropriate distribution of public resources.

Women must have access to high-quality reproductive healthcare, and we should restore federal funding. These vital services provide much-needed medical care for millions of Americans, especially those in underserved areas.

Promoting life means offering everyone a fighting chance with universal childcare, healthcare, and funding for foster and adoption programs. Promoting choice means respecting a women's constitutional right to privacy and access to safe and legal abortion.

We should all be advocates for life, so Bob will champion initiatives like:

  • Supporting children before and after birth

  • Programs that assist working parents

  • Increasing access to affordable education from Pre-3 on

  • Addressing childhood poverty

  • Improving and promoting adoption services and foster programs

  • Universal healthcare

Dr. Bob will empower all expecting parents to help their babies succeed in life and will work to protect women's reproductive choices and privacy.

This debate has divided America more than any other issue. However, we can agree that we need to increase support and options for women faced with the personal and challenging decision of parenthood.

Advocating for choice means:

  • Codifying Roe V. Wade

  • Supporting reproductive services

  • Family planning/contraception

  • Providing access to safe and legal abortion

  • Protecting a woman's right to privacy

  • Proper sex education based on consent

Roe v. Wade, a decision protecting a woman's fundamental right to privacy, should again be the law of the land. As Ruth Bader Ginsburg stated, it is "a woman's right to control her destiny, to be able to make choices without a Big Brother state telling her what she can and cannot do."

Very often, religious beliefs are the foundation of anti-abortion views and should not be the basis for the laws of our country.

As a physician, Bob understands that no one anticipates or wants to be in the position to decide to have an abortion. It can be a harrowing decision for everyone involved.

We can personally advocate for life and politically and legislatively be pro-choice, and these two positions are not mutually exclusive. Ultimately, the government should not be the decider on a woman's medical decisions or religious beliefs.

If the goal is abortion prevention, making it illegal is ineffective. It only makes it more dangerous. Comprehensive sex education and affordable and accessible birth control are proven to work.

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