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Dr. Bob Lorinser (D, MI)

Candidate for U.S. Congress


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PO Box 936 - Marquette, MI 49855

Resident of the 1st District

Since 1989

Dr. Bob Lorinser is a democratic candidate for Michigan's 1st District Congressional seat, a district spanning across the Northern lower peninsula and the Upper Peninsula.


I would be honored to represent all the residents of the District, including the young and old, people of all genders, those that agree and disagree with me, moderates, and progressives.

Who I am

  • Marquette, Michigan has been home for me and my family since 1989.


  • My wife, Peggy, and I are nearing our 40th wedding anniversary, and we have raised three children and now have four amazing grandchildren.


  • I was educated with advanced degrees in public health, social work, and medicine.

  • After medical school and residency, I started my medical career with the Indian Health Service, serving the Navajo Nation in northwestern New Mexico.

  • I spent two-plus decades as a family physician in Marquette, serving in a variety of roles.

  • In 2011, from a desire for national service, Peggy and I joined the Department of State as a Diplomat for ten years. We did five tours: Pakistan during the search and capture of Osama bin Laden, South Korea, Afghanistan, Morocco, and finally Iraq for the final two years.

  • I came home in the Fall of 2020 to a planned retirement that never happened. Instead, I joined Marquette County Health Department as their medical director during the COVID pandemic, again, out of a sense of service and the community’s needs.

I grew up lucky and blessed in a small Midwest rural community. It wasn't always easy — my parents divorced early, worked paycheck to paycheck, and sometimes my family relied on government aid. We suffered the consequences of alcoholism, but we worked hard and were surrounded by love.


Luck provided me with talented educators, great mentors, and a quality education at a community college. I went on to attain three advanced degrees without insurmountable debt. We lived in a safe, clean neighborhood. We had affordable housing, access to medical care, sound infrastructure, and good jobs.


My foundation was a blessing. It's how I developed a bedrock of principles that still guides me today — values like:


  • Wisdom

  • Justice

  • Courage

  • Integrity

  • Equality

  • Democratic Freedom

  • Temperance

  • Unity


I learned wisdom from my teachers, justice under the law, equality from leaders, courage from my friends and kindness from my grandmother.


Many households in our district are like mine. We work hard. We take care of our families. We help our neighbors, and celebrate liberty.


Government can't do it all, but proven federal solutions provided me the opportunity to lead an accomplished life — in social work, medicine, health administration, international diplomacy, and as a local public servant. I can't imagine I could have achieved all of it without such a supportive foundation.


My goal as a member of Congress will be to champion similar efficient and effective federal programs that provide citizens more opportunity. Hardworking families of Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula deserve no less than success. Every single one of you deserves to thrive.


Why am I running for Congress? 

In one word: service. I have a strong sense of duty and hope to offer Northern Michigan true, honest and ethical representation.

Together, with your support, we can fulfill the needs of our communities' everyday citizens and working families. I'm confident I can be an effective member of Congress for the 1st District and guide us on a national and worldwide stage under the ideals and principles of what it means to be a proud American.

I will run a bedrock of principles — wisdom, justice, courage, kindness, democratic freedom, and equality under the law.

You deserve a change. You deserve a Representative with a moral compass, integrity, someone who speaks the truth, and tries to embody all that is best in this great district. You deserve a Congressman with vision, who has the ability to recognize problems on the horizon and develop reasonable solutions, someone who has the ability to build a consensus to achieve that vision.

The United States is divided economically, politically, and culturally more than ever before. It's time to unite. It's time to come together and push for government solutions that reflect the best of Northern Michigan's values and priorities.

I strive to be Northern Michigan's voice of reason in Washington, D.C..

I'm eager to continue my service. I am humbled to run and it would be my life's honor to represent you. Please share my message with your friends and family. Victory will not happen without your support and generosity.


To serve my district, Michigan, and our nation, I support:

  • Economic viability, which enables us to thrive from jobs with living wages - if an adult is working a full-time job, they should not have to rely on food stamps.


  • Universal healthcare, as no one should suffer the consequences of not being able to afford or access medical care providers or their hospitals. When I look at my nearly $200,000 medical bills from a gallbladder problem, I worry about those faced with a similar situation without insurance and the resources to cover the rest without going into debt. Unfortunately, the system is still in need of a fix. 


  • Accessible and affordable public education and training, without insurmountable debt for engineers, doctors, musicians, teachers, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and our other tradespeople.


  • A social safety net that is capable of assisting and support, but not to enable. I support universal childcare, the expansion of Medicaid, and Medicare. We want and need to be self-supporting but understand at times, just like my family, we may need help and support from time to time.


I have a vision we will all see each other as Americans who know, understand, and respect each other. If elected to Congress, I would like to represent the majority of Americans, and I believe most Americans support our objectives. 


My door is open. I want to hear from the district. Please reach out. I look forward to discussing these topics more for our great state of Michigan.

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