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Bureau of Elections denies Callie Barr's "meritless" challenge to Bob Lorinser's nomination petitions

LANSING, Mich. – A staff report by the Michigan Bureau of Elections (BOE) deemed Bob Lorinser's nomination petitions for Michigan's 1st Congressional district sufficient. A petition-challenge by his opponent, Callie Barr, was dismissed.

Barr, an attorney challenging Lorinser in the Democratic election on Aug. 6, targeted more than half of Lorinser's nomination petition signatures. In May, after review, the BOE rejected her claims in their entirety and recommended that the Board of State Canvassers do the same.

On Friday, in a unanimous vote, the Canvassers approved Bob Lorinser for the August ballot.

Christopher Trebilcock, an attorney for Lorinser, explains that Barr based her attempt to disqualify Lorinser on her "fundamental misunderstanding of the Michigan Election Law." He argued it's "improper," "lacks any credibility," and should be "summarily rejected."


Lorinser's campaign manager, Kevin Numerick, said Barr blatantly and intentionally disregarded election code.


"While legitimate challenges are essential to combat fraud, Ms. Barr abused this process as a dirty political weapon," said Numerick. "She tried to convolute the law by challenging as many signatures as possible to disqualify Bob Lorinser from the ballot, regardless of merit.


"This demonstrates poor political judgment, maliciousness, and incompetence. We're pleased with the BOE's evaluation, appreciate the unanimous approval from the Board of Canvassers and look forward to appearing on the ballot in August and November."


Numerick said Barr's action against Lorinser was a desperate political tactic. It was an attack on Lorinser's integrity and an insult to voters because it attempted to discard the will of over a thousand legitimate electors without discernible cause, Numerick stated.


"Callie Barr's failed attempt to disenfranchise voters should not go unanswered. We do not need more politicians who try to abuse the Democratic process.


"Character is everything, and we need people like Bob Lorinser, someone who prioritizes honesty and integrity above all else and strives to earn the Democratic nomination through merit, not manipulation."


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