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Thank you. An ode to our officers. — Bob Lorinser

Across the country on January 9th each year, citizens take the lead to show support on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Today, we thank them.

We extend our gratitude and support to our officers for their selfless service in protecting our communities.

Every day, brave men and women in law enforcement dedicate their lives to ensuring the safety and well-being of our Nation. As they step out each morning, we recognize the risks they face and the sacrifices they make to serve and protect us.

Police are the first responders during times of crisis, fearlessly confronting active shooters, medical emergencies, accidents, mental health breaks, and safeguarding our roads, schools, neighborhoods, and institutions.

Reforms are necessary but it is our responsibility to provide law enforcement with the resources, training, and support to perform their duties effectively and ensure safety.

This commitment entails investing in officer recruitment and training, fostering a diverse police force, upgrading our 911 services, and expanding mental health support for both the public and law enforcement. We must also cultivate strong partnerships between community leaders and law enforcement organizations to enhance police-community relations.

Community policing, school liaison officers, and cooperation with federal agencies are crucial elements in maintaining public safety. 

By promoting the noble profession of law enforcement and inspiring the next generation to become peacekeepers, we can work towards a safer and more equitable America. We express our utmost appreciation for their service and pledge to do everything in our power to enable them to continue serving us.

Law enforcement officers of all ranks and designations have made a courageous and selfless choice to pursue a profession that entails putting their lives at risk every day for the well-being of their communities. Their public service duties are demanding, often underappreciated, and require unwavering commitment.

They work tirelessly, often at great personal cost, to fulfill important responsibilities at the local, state, and federal levels. Each day is unknown. In many of our rural communities, local law enforcement officials are the only paid emergency responders available, and they remain steadfast in their mission to serve and protect.

On National Law Enforcement Day, it is our privilege to acknowledge all law enforcement officers invaluable contributions and express our gratitude for their service by extending a small token of appreciation.

Have a safe and meaningful Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

Thank you for your service,

-Dr. Bob

Bob Lorinser

Candidate for US Congress

Northern Michigan / Upper Peninsula

Democrat, MI01


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