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A partisan flip flop — Bergman opposes bill to prevent domestic terrorism

Rep. Jack Bergman voted against the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2022, a once-bipartisan bill.

Help send me to Congress so we can advance legislation that protects people, even if it isn't politically expedient to my party.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A former GOP-sponsored antiterrorism bill that previously passed the House with a bipartisan voice vote suddenly lost merit to receive Jack Bergman's support. What changed?

Michigan Republicans originally championed the bill. It provides support to law enforcement and authorizes the DHS, DOJ, and FBI to establish a joint task force to investigate domestic terrorism and hate crimes.

The latest version contained virtually identical language to the bill Republicans once supported.

The legislation:

  • Does not include gun control.

  • Does not redefine terror from existing law.

  • Cannot be used to violate civil liberties.

  • Cannot infringe on freedom of speech.

It was always a good bill. That has not changed.

But, now that Jack Bergman can't leverage the bill for political points, he voted against it.

Domestic terror and hate crimes are rising, taking innocent lives at alarming rates. One year ago, the House overwhelmingly supported law enforcement streamlining investigations and increasing interagency communication. Today, that flip-flopped. Jack Bergman voted against antiterrorism efforts and chose to do nothing about reducing hate crimes.

Policy opinions shouldn't spin like a weather vane with the shifting winds of political expediency.

Help send me to D.C. so I can support independent solutions, regardless of which side of the aisle those solutions originate.


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