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Police, truckers and citizens oppose disruption in Canada, but Rep. Jack Bergman supports agitators

“What is driving this movement is a very small, organized group that is driven by an ideology to overthrow the government.” - Canada Public Safety

OTTAWA, Canada - Almost all Canadian truckers are vaccinated and resent the protesters, whose shutdown of international borders has "had a very significant negative impact upon our professional driving community," according to Stephen Laskowski, the president of the Canadian Trucking Alliance.

Yet, my opponent, Jack Bergman, supports this disruption, describing it as “push back” against “bureaucrats who hate individual freedom.”

So who does Bergman support?

  • Those who plan on overthrowing the Canadian government

  • Those prepared to use violence to maintain a blockade

  • Conspiracy theorists who have endorsed the QAnon movement, with their logos emblazoned on trucks

  • Misguided people who called COVID-19 "the biggest political scam in history"

  • Those who believe COVID vaccines facilitate the injection of 5G-enabled microchips into the population

  • Neo-Nazi and Confederate flags flying at the rallies

  • Signs and stickers pasted to telephone poles around the occupied area bear Trudeau's face, reading: "Wanted for crimes against humanity."

  • Canada Unity organizers who stated to "go after the prime minister" for "corruption" and "fascism"

  • The radical fringe

Leaders of the convoy are not truckers themselves. Instead, far right-wing agitators.

The demonstrations are not about vaccine mandates.

Instead, Mendocino said the core protesters are "a small number of individuals with a steely resolve, driven by an extreme ideology that would seek to overthrow the existing government.”

“There have been those who have tried to characterize these illegal blockades [as being] about vaccines and mandates and fatigue with the pandemic,” said Mendocino. “That is not what is driving this movement right now. What is driving this movement is a very small, organized group that is driven by an ideology to overthrow the government.”

Bergman threatened our democracy on Jan 6th, and now he supports similar threats in Canada.

This protest isn't about individual freedom, far from it. Citizens of Ottawa and the police do not want it to continue.

Jack Bergman's message isn't the judgment I expect for my Representative. Disquieting, Disgusting, and Disturbing.

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