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Police Week and Peace Officer Memorial Day honors 637 fallen Michigan officers

Every day courageous men and women of law enforcement dedicate their lives to protect and serve communities in Northern Michigan and the U.P. Too many lives have fallen short in the line of duty. Thank you to our unsung heroes.

Each morning, police officers pin on their shield and walk out the door to go to work, hoping they will come home safely. Last year, a record number of law enforcement officers died in the line of duty.

[Text adapted from proclamations by the State of Michigan and Presidential Actions]

MICHIGAN There are 582 separate law enforcement agencies in Michigan, employing over 18,000 officers. Our law enforcement officers put their lives at risk to keep us safe.

We honor and remember those officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty, including the 637 officers from Michigan. We recognize the hard work of our law enforcement agencies throughout Michigan, from ensuring public safety in our communities and on our roads, to serving as front-line workers during times of disaster, to responding to active shootings.

It is our responsibility to ensure Federal, State, Tribal, and local law enforcement have the training, resources, and support they need to do their jobs well and keep them safe.

We must be dedicated toward achieving this goal by investing in the training and hiring of officers and troopers, 911 upgrades, mental health services, and promoting the honorable profession of law enforcement and first responders to the next generation of peacekeepers.

To strengthen police-community relations in partnership with community leaders and law enforcement organizations we must

  • Improve police standards and training

  • Build a more diverse police force

  • Encourage cooperation between police and the community

  • Increase transparency within police departments

During Police Week, let us demonstrate our appreciation for the unsung heroes who nobly wear the badge and put their lives at risk to protect people each and every day. Let us honor the brave officers whose bright futures were cut short in the line of duty. Let us come together to help police be the partners and protectors our communities and our Nation need for a safer, more just America.


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