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Opinion "Save the post office, USPS struggles nationally, not just in the UP" — Bob Lorinser

We must protect postal workers' jobs in #MI01 to maintain a dependable and accessible USPS. Especially because we are rural, our working families deserve federal support to get the job done locally and on-time.

KINGSFORD, Mich. — The USPS has a clear goal of meeting delivery targets for first-class mail. However, since DeJoy became Postmaster General, mail delivery has repeatedly slowed down. This is not just a problem in the UP, but throughout the entire United States.

Out of 50 districts in the US, the USPS has failed to meet its on-time delivery goals. For three-to-five-day first-class mail, the on-time delivery rate is 0 out of 50, and for two-day first-class mail, it is only 5 out of 50.

This raises questions about the realistic goals set by USPS management and the need for more adequate resources.

Postmaster General DeJoy needs to be held accountable for these challenges, which include financial sustainability, service performance, infrastructure and technology upgrades, and workforce issues. It is important for our state and federal legislators to address this problem and find real solutions.

Despite these challenges, USPS workers across the nation continue to strive to deliver mail. They embody the dedication captured in the unofficial postal motto: "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."

Yet, proposed changes in Kingsford Michigan highlight the need to protect the workers and recognize the USPS as a critical service for rural Michiganders.

USPS workers play a vital role in connecting communities across our district. Its services are essential for our local citizens and small businesses. The hardworking postal workers in Kingsford and other areas deserve the necessary support to continue their invaluable service.

We express our gratitude to Kingsford and all postal workers for their service. They play a vital role in ensuring connectivity in the UP.

May our leaders allow our workers to keep up the excellent work, as we all depend on you to deliver our mail.

We must ensure that the USPS remains a reliable and accessible service for all Michiganders, regardless of where they reside.


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