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Peter Lorinser asks donors to match him in a fundraising blast for Dr. Bob

Dr. Bob is a busy man this week in the Copper Country doing voter outreach and delivering town halls, so today's blog is from me, Peter Lorinser. It's hard to believe after tomorrow, my dad has given over 26 town halls since January, but he's a workhorse. My mom, too, every trip collecting nomination petition signatures and organizing his stops.

"I never thought I'd be giving my dad an allowance, but he truly deserves it. We're pitching in $30, and any amount you can provide will help." — Peter Lorinser

Dear, Northern Michiganders and Yoopers.

This moment is critical. This November, it's vital my dad unseat Jack Bergman — for the sake of Democracy, the First District, and the Nation. We can't do it without your support. I know times are tough. Gas prices are soaring, and the rising costs of commodities can force us to pinch pennies.

To enact better policies for working families, Northern Michigan and the U.P. need to elect someone who cares about the struggle. My father lived the reality of his parents working paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet, and today he's just as frugal. Your donations are going far.

Today, I'm asking you to join my wife and me in contributing to my dad's campaign. I never thought I'd be giving my dad an allowance, but he truly deserves it. We're pitching in $30, and any amount you can provide will help.

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:


For a bit of update - He now has nearly 70 volunteers, five talented staffers, and some very dedicated fellowship members.

We're closing on the first fundraising quarter of the year in two weeks, and we need your help now more than ever. So many of you have generously donated, and my dad couldn't be more grateful. But, as you may have heard, his competition, Jack Bergman, just misused $30,000 of his taxpayer-funded office allowance on ads for himself. It's legal but uncommon, wrong, and hard to compete with.

We need to raise $18,000 before April 1.

If you cannot contribute today to support some of our team's plans, I understand. Instead, will you please join us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? Sharing his message can be just as helpful.

Next week, we have a virtual volunteer summit to mobilize the forces for spring voter outreach. Our volunteers will require resources to aid their efforts. We must continue the momentum and stay on pace with fundraising to support the great people who have put so much into this campaign.

I appreciate your consideration and support of my father. He’s a great man. He’s a caring dad and grandfather to my little girl. I've always admired his work ethic and his passion. He never turned down calls from his patients and always found time for people who needed him. I know he will do the same as as your Representative in Washington.

Get to know him and I'm confident you'll agree - Dr. Bob, my dad, will make an incredible Congressman.

Best Regards,

Peter Lorinser

About My Dad For his entire career, my Dad has dedicated his life to the service of his community and country. After receiving three advanced degrees (Medical Doctor, Masters of Social Work, and Masters in Public Health), he worked as a social worker in a Veterans Affairs Hospital and as a physician with the Indian Health Service, serving the Navajo Nation, where I was born. In 1989, he found his home in Michigan's First District, where my siblings and I were raised and he practiced family medicine for three decades. Both my parents joined the U.S. Department of State's Foreign Services in 2011 to serve as a diplomats and my dad as Regional Medical Officer. Mom and Dad served the United States for ten years, with tours in Pakistan, South Korea, Afghanistan, Morocco, and Iraq. When they returned to the states in 2020, he offered his services as Medical Director of Marquette County Health Department. He and his wife of 40 years, my mother, Peggy, live in Gwinn and his grandchildren visit often. Dad hopes to serve and represent constituents in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. He is unopposed in the Democrat primary and poised to face Rep. Jack Bergman (R, Acme) in the general mid-term election this November. For more information, visit


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