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Happy Birthday, Dr. Lorinser – See family photos, sign Doc's b-day card, and send a greeting

Dr. Lorinser's children, Amy, Andy, and Peter, are encouraging citizens of Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula to sign a birthday card for Dr. Lorinser and contribute in honor of his 66th birthday.

GWINN, Mich. – Our dad is a difficult person to shop for. Dr. Bob – as you know him – is a Christmas baby. One year, when we were little, we all pitched in to buy him his first pair of jeans. He wore them once. It's dress pants or sweat pants for Dad, and usually it's sweat pants. That's the Yooper in him.

This year, we thought a great way to honor our father on his special day would be to involve you, constituents, and supporters. We've selected various symbolic giving amounts, e.g. $12.25 for his birthdate and $66 for his age. We're also encouraging everyone to sign his birthday card and leave Doc a personalized b-day greeting.

Turning 66 is a big deal for many, and it's a good time for a well-deserved retirement. Not Dad. We thought when he returned to Northern Michigan from Iraq after serving 10 years in hazard hotspots, it would be time to retire. Just as it has his entire career, duty called, and he was again serving his community during one of the worst pandemics in 100 years.

Now, at 66, he is eager to serve you as Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula's next Congressman – not to capstone his career, but ready, willing, and able to shape policy that will influence and inspire the next generation of leaders.

Our father taught us compassion and hard work. Growing up, we would watch him meet with sick or injured patients late at night, sometimes in our living room. He would determine the best treatment and call to get them the medical care they needed. Dad wouldn't let a phone call go unanswered, and even when off-call would rise late at night to care for other people. Compassion is paired really well with hard work.

In everything he's done for over 40 years, he was always working for the well-being of others – very often for people who couldn't afford medical care or families who were struggling. It's why we know he'll be a great Congressman. While he was keeping his community healthy and safe, he still found time to haul us to swim, BMX, baseball, softball, hockey, figure skating, gymnastics, and more. (He's also passed down a competitive gene, which makes him a great contender for this race.)

Our dad grew up in a low-income rural household with five brothers and sisters. He knows the value of a dollar, and your donations are going a long way in building a movement to get him elected.

So many families in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula are like his growing up. He says he grew up blessed and lucky, and even though sometimes it was difficult financially, he was surrounded by joy and love.

He ensured our lives were surrounded with joy and love as well.

It's part of what motivates him to serve this district. Dr. Bob Lorinser wants to create a better future for everyone here and provide them with the opportunities he had. He believes everyone deserves to thrive, and that's a big deal. Northern Michigan and the U.P. needs a compassionate Congressman who works hard to ensure others are successful.

We understand the holidays can be difficult for many, and giving to a politician isn't necessarily a high priority. We're also seeing how many resources are required to run a winning campaign. Dad believes in campaign finance reform and dislikes asking people for money – he even has difficulty allowing others to pick up the tab at dinner.

Dad always says, "If asking people for money is the quality of a good politician, I'm no politician." He's right. He's not a politician, but the best representatives are the ones who concentrate on governing and making the lives of their constituents better. Too often, we're stuck with career politicians with big donors.

Doc's grassroots campaign is 100% funded by the people – donors like you. Thank you. If you can afford it this holiday season, we encourage you to honor our dad's 66th birthday with a donation so he and his team can win in 2022.

Happy birthday, Dad.

Happy holidays, everyone.

We hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Amy, Andy and Peter

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