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Celebrate Peggy Lorinser's Birthday

Happy birthday to my wife, Peggy.

GWINN, Michigan – My wife, Peggy, is an instrumental member of my campaign team, and I couldn't do this without her support.

To those who haven't yet had the pleasure of getting to know my wife, let me introduce you to her.

  • She's been a wonderful partner of nearly forty years.

  • Peggy is a mother to three and grandmother of beautiful daughters.

  • My wife is a loyal and dedicated friend to so many people

  • She is kind and caring.

  • Her primary mission in life is looking after her family and her friends.

  • Peggy is an excellent snow shoveler as the last winter storm proved.

  • She's a true Yooper, and nearly every day, she exclaims, "Isn't this beautiful? We are so blessed."

  • She is adventurous and traveled worldwide for enjoyment and service (stationed together in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq).

Together in the State Department, we were stationed in some of the world's most dangerous hotspots – but it was easy to do when home is wherever I am with you.

– Love, Bob


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