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New bill lowers healthcare costs, closes unfair tax loopholes, and reduces the deficit

In the face of massive disinformation, I will always be honest with you. The Inflation Reduction Act may be a misnomer, as it doesn't do enough to address inflation, but it does make critical investments in everyday Americans.

We need your help getting to Congress. We're nearing just 90 days until the November election, but voters will start casting their ballots in September. In the face of misinformation, we have to fund a massive outreach program to spread honesty across the district. Can you make a contribution today?

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Before all bills pass, changes occur, but their general positions do not. The new Inflation Reduction Act addresses:

  • Fair taxes

    • A new minimum tax on corporations currently paying little to nothing to benefit other Americans and a 1% stock buyback tax.

    • Taxes on individuals and households will not be increased.

    • Wealthy corporations, like all Americans, should pay fair taxes.

  • Prescription drug price reform:

    • Allow Medicare to negotiate the price of prescription medicine

    • Limit out-of-the-pocket Medicare costs to 2,000

  • Healthcare affordability:

    • Prevents 10 million Americans from losing health insurance subsidies

    • Prevents 3 million Americans from losing their health insurance entirely

  • Energy security and environmental investments:

    • Climate protection

    • Clean energy production

    • Reducing carbon emissions

We must spend taxpayers' money wisely and require ultra-wealthy corporations to pay their fair share. Affordable drugs for our seniors and medical insurance for our families are essential to a healthier Nation. Without environmental protections, we risk too much for the future. We must advocate and protect Northern Michigan's beauty for generations to come.

Will my opponent support this bill? As we review his voting record of abandoning real solutions that would benefit the people in his district, we can predict he won't.

This energy, healthcare, environment, and tax bill will improve our way of life, help our seniors, and support families. It's time we have a Congressman willing to break from party lines to support real, hardworking #MI01 Americans.


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