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Justice should be blind.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has been accepting private jet flights, yacht trips, and stays at a luxury resort from a Republican billionaire for 20 years.

I need your help getting to Congress to advocate for judicial ethics reform.

Our laws should subject Supreme Court Justices to the same Code of Conduct as all federal judges. Justice should be blind, objective, and unbiased; it is the guardian of our constitution and laws.

I support new legislation to subject the high court to a code of ethics. Will you support my road to Congress?

Contribute now for judicial ethics reform.

Supreme Court

Ethics experts and I agree; Justice Clarence Thomas should have disclosed the jet and yacht trips as gifts.

His undisclosed "gifts" from a billionaire GOP donor — vacations, cruises, and private flights — are worth millions of dollars. In addition, the work of Thomas's right-wing activist wife includes conspiracy theories and election denying; All affect Justice Thomas's judicial bias.

Federal Judges

If a $35 donation from the federal judge overseeing Donald Trump's criminal case compromises his impartiality, we should scrutinize gifts from ultra-wealthy GOP influencers as well.

State Court

Recently, in the race for Wisconsin Supreme Court, candidates spent the most in US history, over $40 million. These positions impact the democratic process, gerrymandering, and rule on highly contested issues. These elections should be independent of political parties and ideological groups. There has to be a better way.


Trust in our judicial system in America is tumbling. 47% of US adults say they trust and respect the federal government's judicial branch — a 20% decrease over the last two years.

Our founders designed each branch of our government to be separate from each other. Judicial independence creates fundamental checks and balances. When the success of a judge's election or appointment gets mangled with unreformed political finance, we create subjectivity and bias. Real or perceived, it erodes the integrity of our entire system.

Our courts are the guardian of our constitution and laws, and justice should be blind, objective, and unbiased. Beyond campaign reform for all those seeking office, we must also demand ethics and finance reform in the judicial branch.

Can you contribute to my grassroots campaign so that we can stand up to our opponents' PACs, dark money, and ultra-wealthy donors? To be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, we first need people-powered candidates.

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