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How do Americans want their taxes spent? On ordinary, everyday people.

Misguided legislators have worsened budgetary shortfalls with tax breaks to the ultra-wealthy and giant corporations, most recently causing the third-largest deficit in American history.

I need your help getting to Congress to ensure that millionaires and giant corporations pay their fair share toward a balanced budget.

Join my fight to save programs that help everyday Americans thrive.

According to a recent AP Poll, most Americans say the government spends too much overall but not enough on education, healthcare, Social Security, and Medicare.

Ahead of the budget proposal due from the GOP House, take our poll and let me know where would you like to see your tax dollars spent.

Take the Poll.

  • 0%Education

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You can vote for more than one answer.

Something else? Let me know at

Here's what the rest of America thinks

Although it's been over one and half centuries since we paid off all our debt, in the last 50 years, the federal budget has run a surplus five times, most recently in 2001.

Today, without raising taxes on the ultra-wealthy and billionaires — or cutting defense, Veteran's benefits, Social Security, and Medicare — we would have to eliminate 85% to 100% of everything else to balance our federal checkbook.

Combined with spending wisely, a good way forward is through tax reform. When the rich pay their fair share, we can raise enough revenue for the programs Americans want most. We must continue to support workers and their families and protect our national interests and security.

If our representatives listen to the American people and understand their budget priorities, these difficult decisions will become easier. As public servants, we must ascertain the people's desires and determine the best route to benefit the common good.

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