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The catastrophic destruction of middle-class life in America

"We don't just need to build the middle class; we need to save it." - Dr. Bob Lorinser

The middle class is being destroyed, and Americans are working harder but falling further behind. Support Dr. Bob Lorinser's bid for Congress with a donation to the rural fund so he can champion the needs of our workforce in America's heartland.

WASHINGTON, DC — The Cost-of-Thriving Index (COTI) measures the number of weeks a typical worker would need to work annually to earn enough income for major everyday costs, i.e., How much does a family of four in the American middle-class need for food, housing, healthcare, transportation, and higher education.

Families who can pay for these needs without worry can enjoy some luxuries without risking their children's future.

In 1985, COTI was nearly 40 weeks. In 2022, it was 62 weeks.

American Compass, a conservative think tank, created this index. Some methods could have been better, but the results would probably be the same. It advocates for families supporting themselves, contributing to their communities, and preparing the next generation to succeed.

The results:

  • Raising a family on one income is only possible for 50% of the population.

  • Two working parents are needed to thrive, but most families prefer having a parent with young children at home.

  • Many one-parent families can't make it without public assistance.

  • Americans are working longer hours, more than in any other developed country.

  • Americans have gone deeply into debt, collectively increasing from $599 billion in December 1985 to $4.8 trillion by December 2022.

Other consequences

  • Americans have fewer children and form families later in life.

  • Increase reliance on public subsidies, even for the employed.

  • Childcare crisis

"I agree with my colleagues across the political spectrum – conservatives and liberals; the economic burdens on the American family threaten our middle class," said Dr. Bob Lorinser, candidate for US Congress in one of the Nation's most rural districts. "We must work together to address the pressing issues of rural America. The middle class is being destroyed, and the people of my district are working harder but falling further behind."

Lorinser advocates for more support for workers with livable wages so they can themselves, contribute to their communities, and prepare the next generation for the same.

"The government's job is to provide for the general well-being of its citizens," said Dr. Lorinser. "Recognizing the problem is the first step. Now, let's get back to work for the American family. That means the expansion of childcare, education, healthcare, housing, and livable wages."

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