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Facing 'impossible' odds, why is a Democrat fighting so hard to take back a rural district?

President Obama said, "In the face of impossible odds, people who love this country can change it." Nothing is impossible. Some things just take a little longer.

Can a 'blue dot in a red sea' help change the tide? With my second run for Congress in a Republican stronghold, I hope to inspire voters to see what's possible with Democratic representation in rural districts like Michigan's 1st.

"Why spend so much time, money, and energy on a race that a Democrat hasn't won in over a decade?"

"Are you in an 'impossible' race? — running despite the odds?"

As a blue dot in a red sea, these are questions Democrats get all the time, and Michigan's First Congressional District is no exception. So why am I running again?

Because I believe in the same fundamental American principles as the constituency of MI01. We have an important message to share that will spark a movement to change hearts and minds, no matter the odds against us.

  • We believe in a government of, by, and for the people.

  • We cannot give up in our fight for policies promoting hard-working Americans' general well-being.

  • We support small businesses, families, and education and desire affordable and accessible healthcare.

  • We want rural America and rural Michigan to thrive, and we will advocate for infrastructure improvements to get us there.

  • We will improve our school systems to retain and support families.

  • We will recruit workers who desire to live somewhere safe, with clean air and water to drink and swim in.

  • We take care of our neighbors, and they, us.

  • We say 'thank you,' 'I'm sorry,' and 'I can help.'

  • We will energize and inspire voters by challenging policies that have failed us.

  • We will put pressure on so-called establishment candidates and career politicians to address issues that have been neglected.

Equally important as the message are the messengers. Win or lose, the Democratic Party needs to support quality candidates to manifest future podium finishes. This is a beginning, not an end.

Believe in Democrats because we believe in you. Don't be afraid. Have courage. Be part of the solution. Blue waves begin with ripples of hope.

Then, this impossible candidate, despite the odds, can win.

The effort is never in vain. We didn't give up; we stood up. We didn't stay silent; we spoke out clearly and loudly. Change doesn't usually start with winners but with those who get up after being knocked down.

Contribute. Join our rural movement. Help us turn the sea blue again.


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