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With a "commitment to service," Bob Lorinser announces bid for Congress

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge." — Martin Luther King, Jr.

In the same spirit of Dr. King's commitment to service, today, I announce — I am running for Congress to fight for justice and equity as I continue my service to my fellow Americans.

Over the next year, Dr. Lorinser will build a donor-funded war chest to advance Democratic principles and assist quality candidates in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. Join the movement and help rural America thrive.

GWINN, Mich. — Dr. Bob Lorinser, 67, of Marquette, announced the kickoff of his campaign for US Congress on Monday. Lorinser vies for the 2024 Democratic nomination to represent Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula in the US House of Representatives.

"Congress needs reasonable voices, advocates, and people you can trust," said Lorinser. "To make Democracy successful, we need our leaders to be truth-tellers. They need to be kind, fair, and serve with dignity and integrity. My campaign commits to those values.

"I will not rest in my resolve to show Yoopers and Northern Michiganders a better path forward. In the last cycle, our campaign established the groundwork. We have unfinished business to accomplish.”

Lorinser says Representatives take a solemn oath to promote the general well-being of the people they represent. He believes elected officials should promote liberty, equality, and justice for all while facilitating citizens' pursuit of happiness.

"I will champion rural America and its needs," said Lorinser. “My campaign plans to develop a strong field-team throughout the 1st District to get all qualified candidates, at all levels of government, elected after the results of the primaries are determined."

The UP family physician and Marquette County Health Department medical director said his team is eager to mobilize a more-active grassroots movement for 2024. He said that his campaign will again focus on issues, not personal attacks or dishonest political mudslinging.

"Democrats have a lot of work to do to show fiercely independent rural voters how our policies benefit hardworking families," said Lorinser. "I want this campaign to be an example of how to 'run rural' in a divided Nation. My party must pay attention to districts like ours for long-term success, and our work begins now.

"For the benefit of everyone in Northern Michigan and the UP, we must put the needs of our country before party. To help lower costs and reduce economic burdens for all Americans, we must be the change.

"All residents in Michigan's First — Democrats, Independents, Republicans — need affordable healthcare, housing, education, and childcare," said Lorinser. "We also need infrastructure investment, job opportunities, and economic prosperity. The challenges our rural communities face are some of the most distinct in the Nation, and we need a Congressman eager to listen to constituents and solve real problems."

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About Dr. Lorinser

For his entire career, Dr. Bob Lorinser (D-MI1) has dedicated his life to serving his community and country.

After receiving three advanced degrees (Medical Doctor, Masters of Social Work, and Masters in Public Health), Dr. Lorinser worked as a social worker in a Veterans Affairs Hospital and as a physician with the Indian Health Service, serving the Navajo Nation. In 1989, he found his home in Michigan's First District, where he practiced family medicine for three decades.

Dr. Bob joined the US Department of State's Foreign Services in 2011 to serve as a diplomat and Regional Medical Officer. The Lorinsers served the United States for ten years, with tours in Pakistan, South Korea, Afghanistan, Morocco, and Iraq.

When he returned to the states in 2020, Dr. Bob Lorinser offered his services as Medical Director of Marquette County Health Department. He and his wife of 40 years, Peggy, live in Gwinn and have three children and three granddaughters.


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