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Dr. Bob Lorinser issues "Unity" message ahead of 9/11

"The stories of hope, resolve, and unity — we need them now more than ever."

GWINN, Mich. — I want to take a moment to offer some reflection on September 11th, 2001.

9/11 needs to be a day of solemn mourning and respect, a day of honor. It changed the course of history - not just American history, but it has shaped much of foreign affairs of the past two decades.

Many people died as innocent victims and courageous heroes. While we memorialize this day, let us also remember our healing. The heroism we all witnessed in the days following 9/11 was inspiring.

In the wake of tragedy, we found hope, resilience and unity. Today, America is divided more than ever before. Our fault lines have changed, but it's time to come together. So many of our fellow neighbors are suffering. And there is so much more we can accomplish together. If these United States are truly indivisible, somehow we need to tap back into that unity.

That's my purpose here, to lead us in that endeavor because I believe we are better when we push for government solutions that reflect the best of Northern Michigan's values and priorities for all of us.

I know the memory of 9/11 brings back a lot of emotions.

  • Frustrations on the legacy and the shortcomings of the post 9/11 wars

  • Disappointment about how the Afghanistan War ended and the Taliban's reemergence to power

  • Grief for the ones we lost on 9/11 and the days that followed

  • Anger in reflecting on all the violence

But, among all these emotions, I encourage us to try to tap into hope. The stories of hope, resolve, and unity — we need them now more than ever.

This weekend, let's all take time with our families to reflect on this great country and how we can unite in our resolve, especially in times of difficulty. We are a great nation. Despite our challenges or missteps, we should all be proud Americans knowing that we constantly strive to build a better world.


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