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Can you fix the US debt? Give it a try.

In Congress, the federal deficit and federal spending are among the most critical issues to be addressed this year.

The voter must be informed to help our leaders make good decisions.

Where Do Our Tax Dollars Go?

How does our government spend our money?

Governments at all levels, federal, state, and local, total about $9.4 trillion annually

  • $2.2 trillion—health care, principally Medicare and Medicaid.

  • $1.8 trillion—pensions, including Social Security and government employee pensions

  • $1.4 trillion—education at all levels, principally at the local government level

  • $1.2 trillion—defense, including the Departments of Defense, State, and Veterans Affairs.

  • $0.5 trillion—welfare programs other than Medicaid.

  • All additional spending amounts to $2.2 trillion, including interest on the national debt.

The role of government is straightforward — help citizens and protect the country and the safety of its citizens.

Healthcare, education, national defense, and infrastructure aren’t free. They are civic necessities for which government needs to pay.

What would you do? Spend less? Where? Raise revenue? How much?

Can you fix the debt and build a responsible federal budget? Try the interactive tool.

I believe in healthcare, Social Security, and education. We need national defense. We must respond to humanitarian aid worldwide and help allies when democracy and world economic stability are under threat.

Our investments and savings in America should reflect those needs.

For this, our governmental leaders should vote.


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