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Why Bergman blocked Lorinser on social media

After Dr. Bob Lorinser participated in Bergman's comment section to propose an economic debate discussing solutions to inflation, the Bergman campaign blocked Lorinser from viewing, commenting on, and tagging the incumbent's Facebook page.

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NORTHERN, Mich. / U.P. — Not only has Jack Bergman rejected and dodged every opportunity to debate, but his official campaign Facebook page has also blocked Dr. Bob Lorinser's campaign account. This afternoon, Bergman prohibited Lorinser from viewing, tagging, or commenting on his Meta social posts.

Because Dr. Lorinser fundamentally believes constituents deserve a comparative dialogue, and Bergman refuses to engage through any other medium, the campaign occasionally participated in the representative's comment section with rebuttals to posts attacking Dr. Lorinser.

Lorinser's team also tagged Bergman in challenges to hold an in-person, live, televised debate. The block ensued after Lorinser proposed an economic debate to discuss solutions to inflation.

The Bergman campaign regularly censored and deleted Dr. Lorinser's comments, as they often generated much more popularity than original statements issued by Bergman.

"This is exactly why people of the First District deserve a real debate," said Lorinser. "If Jack Bergman cannot handle an exchange of ideas, accountability, and an issue-based dialogue, he is not fit to serve and lead the great people of Northern Michigan and the UP.

"Social media censorship is something with which my opponent has taken umbrage over the past year, but when his statements are countered with truth and accountability, it appears he cannot uphold the principles of free speech.

"Jack Bergman's recent actions to block our campaign isn't Congressional behavior acceptable to most Yoopers and Northern Michiganders. We value respectful, political engagement and dialogue. We don't fear it."


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