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Bergman using inflammatory rhetoric to mislead voters about the climate, energy, tax bill

My opponent recently said the passed bill from the Senate and the House is a "radical tax-and-spend plan." The bill is imperfect, but that's where our agreement ends.

Jack Bergman is intentionally misleading voters about his ‘No’ vote on the Inflation Reduction Act. Help me combat misinformation and dishonesty. Can you make a contribution today?

Bergman’s statement provides no facts about his vote of "No" along with misinformation attempting to mislead voters of Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. I would be interested in learning more about his plan to address climate change, protect the environment, provide affordable healthcare, and implement fair taxes. I'm eager to debate him on these issues.

Where are Bergman's facts? He voted his party over the people he represents. He voted for greed and wealth over common sense. He voted against affordable insulin, and for big Pharma. He voted against our future, our children, our citizens, and our environment. Indefensible.

Here are the facts:

The bill addresses some of the most powerful special interest groups — Big Pharma, Big Oil, and Wall Street — and provides real help to American families without tax increases to anyone making less than $400,000 and without increasing the federal deficit. This bill is 100% paid for!

The new climate, energy and tax bill:

  • Empowers Medicare to negotiate drug prices for Americans, who currently pay two to three times more for the same drugs than people in other wealthy countries.

  • Caps out-of-pocket prescription drug costs for seniors saving roughly a million seniors about $1,000 each year.

  • Will save ten million people an average of $700 per year on health insurance premiums and prevent three million people from becoming uninsured.

  • Right sizes the IRS, which would not increase audits of households earning less than $400,000.

  • Implements fair taxes for giant profitable corporations, some of which pay nothing.

  • Helps families switch to cheaper electricity, saving an average of $500 annually.

  • Provides middle- and working-class consumers with tax credits to purchase vehicles made in North America.

  • Creates millions of energy jobs.

  • Invests in communities that suffer from environmental and health hazards.

  • Cuts carbon pollution dramatically.

Abraham Lincoln said, "Democracy is a rule of the people, for the people, and by the people." I agree. With his latest inflammatory rhetoric, my opponent believes the government is for the wealthy and by the wealthy.

This soon-to-be-signed law addresses climate change, protects the environment, improves access and affordability to healthcare, lowers costs for the average American, reduces the deficit, and enforces fair taxes on the super-rich and large corporations. It does it all without increasing the size of the government.

The bill isn't perfect, but as the facts show, it will be wonderful for hardworking men and women in the 1st District.


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