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Who I am, what I support, and why I'm running for Congress

I'm Dr. Bob Lorinser, a candidate for US Congress in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

We're on a four-day push to the end of the month to hit an ambitious fundraising goal in our effort to unseat Jack Bergman. Can you make a contribution today?

A Congressman is supposed to represent their community members on a national level, someone who advocates for all their constituents. I am running for Congress in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula because we currently have a Congressman who dismisses those who disagree with him, only advocates for his base, and fails to do what's best for the entire District. Jack Bergman is consistently voting against the best interests of all of us. Why am I running? It's what has guided all my professional decisions – service. I have a strong sense of duty and hope to offer Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula true, honest, and ethical representation. I'm confident I can be an effective member of Congress for the 1st District and guide us on a national and worldwide stage under the ideals and principles of what it means to be a proud American. I will run a bedrock of principles — wisdom, justice, courage, kindness, democratic freedom, and equality under the law. We all deserve a change. We deserve a Representative with a moral compass, integrity, someone who speaks the truth and tries to embody all that is best in this great district. We deserve a Congressman with a vision who can recognize problems on the horizon and develop reasonable solutions, someone who can build a consensus to achieve that vision. Members of my district deserve a member of Congress that listens and stands on certain principles that will guide my policy decisions.

  • I support universal healthcare, childcare, and the expansion of Medicaid and Medicare. No one should suffer the consequences of not being able to afford access to medical care.

    • When I look at my $200,000 hospital bills from a simple but bad gallbladder problem, I worry about those faced with a similar situation but without my resources.

    • The world is still in a pandemic, and we must move forward together. Vaccination is the best strategy we have to address COVID. I am committed to advocating for science and data to inform our responses as we learn to live with the now more manageable disease.

  • I support sound environmental policies to protect our future and especially for us, our Great Lakes. Like our Native American colleagues' Seventh Generation Principle, today's decisions should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future.

  • I support jobs with living wages. If an adult is working a full-time job, they should not have to count on food stamps to sustain their family.

  • I support critical investments in our infrastructure. It will ignite the economy and bring much-needed jobs to our District – putting money in working families' pockets and food on the table, all without raising taxes.

    • Especially important for Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula is Broadband expansion. A nation without rural connectivity is unacceptable. For our district, it will be an economic boom for businesses, jobs, and education, not to mention our quality of life.

    • For many Michiganders and throughout the Nation, we have an affordable housing crisis. Unfortunately, housing costs have risen at rates that are outpacing stagnant salary growth. I want to be part of a national solution to this ongoing challenge in our district.

  • I support our democracy, election, and voters' rights. I believe our democracy is stronger when it is accessible to as many eligible voters as possible, built on inclusion, equal treatment, and participation.

Who I am

To start my career as a public servant, I thought it necessary to be well educated, so my master plan included obtaining advanced degrees in social work, public health, and medicine. I was blessed to be able to do it. I started my career in social work at a veteran's hospital, followed by three years working in Indian Health Service as a family physician. In 1989 I moved my family to the beautiful state of Michigan and practiced as a family physician in Marquette for two decades.

My wife Peggy and I joined the State Department's Foreign Service 11 years ago, out of a sense of National duty. I served as a diplomat during tours in Pakistan, South Korea, Afghanistan, Morocco, and North Africa for ten years, followed by Iraq. After my last two-year tour in Iraq, I returned home to retire, but duty called again, and I became medical director for the health department during the worse pandemic our country has seen in 100 years.

The United States is more divided economically, politically, and culturally than ever before. We are even divided on science. We need reasonable leaders who can unite. It's time to come together and push for government solutions that reflect the best of Northern Michigan's values and priorities. I strive to be a voice of reason in Washington. How you can help Volunteer and donate. This campaign requires a lot of resources. Fundraising is all new to me, I'm not a polished politician, and if you ask me, we need campaign finance reform. Until then, we must be able to reach every voter to compete and early contributions are the most valuable. Please consider a contribution to our campaign today to advance our cause and bring authentic representation back to Northern Michigan and the UP. Your investment is critical. Thank you, – Dr. Bob Lorinser


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