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Dr. Bob Lorinser asks voters to compare each candidate’s character

"Everyone deserves the plain simple truth. Citizens are begging for honesty, and it’s time to get honest with the public." – Dr. Bob Lorinser

We're on a five-day push to the end of the month to hit an ambitious fundraising goal in our effort to unseat Jack Bergman. Can you make a contribution today?

GWINN, Mich. – Many of us see the political climate today in disgust. We distrust our leaders. Americans are fed up. I get it. We have lost our ability to have civil conversations about important issues. We must take action and make the system more responsive to America's needs. We need to use democracy to unelect politicians who refuse to engage with the people and honor their will. It’s time for ethical, transparent, honest leaders to take the helm.

I am running for Congress because I want to find, support, and pass legislation to improve our great Nation. I have been a public servant my entire adult life, and I intend to continue serving my country in Congress because you deserve:

  • A Congressperson all voters can trust, regardless of their party.

  • Someone who respects and listens to his colleagues despite disagreements.

  • A leader focused on explaining votes to his constituency instead of slinging labels or grandstanding to rally his base for re-election.

  • An independent who will put the needs of Americans before further polarizing our parties.

  • Someone who has the courage of their convictions but will reach across the aisle to achieve great things.

  • A Representative committed to solving problems, not creating them.

Unfortunately, Jack Bergman doesn't seem to share this governing method. My opponent rarely participates in bipartisan achievements. His voting record shows he'll always blindly toe the party line from its furthest wing, even when his positions are detrimental to the district.

  • He refers to all his opponents as "radical socialist leftists,"

  • He hasn't held an actual public town hall in over four years.

  • In his last two elections, he rejected 16 debate/forum invitations from media outlets and non-partisan groups.

  • He refused to certify a free and fair national election.

  • He sparked unfounded Nation-wide conspiracy theories with his inappropriate involvement in the Antrim election lawsuit.

  • He misled the public with the Big Lie.

This isn't trustworthy, respectable, nor is it leadership.

Congressional leaders in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula weren't always this divisive, and when elected, I won’t be.

Complicated issues were addressed from piles of research followed by complex negotiations, parleys, constituent engagement, town halls, and listening tours. Unfortunately, my opponent doesn't participate in any of it. It doesn't matter if you're progressive or conservative; you deserve someone who will engage with you, listen to you, respect you, and strive to represent everyone to the best of his abilities.

Most of all, everyone deserves the plain simple truth. Citizens are begging for honesty, and it’s time to get honest with the public.

I value what Democrats have accomplished – traditionally with dignified political temperance – including:

  • Social Security

  • Child labor laws

  • Women's suffrage

  • Civil Rights

  • The Peace Corps

  • Medicare & Medicaid

  • Clean Air and Water Acts

  • Marriage equality

  • Quality healthcare laws

  • Minimum wage

  • National Parks

We have more hard decisions that need our attention at the National level. To start solving problems again, we must stop entertainment politics and get back genuine leadership.

As your next Representative, I will work with you and my future fellow members in Congress to get it done. At each of my public events, we have carved out ample time for Q&A so I can listen to and learn from each of you. My job will be to represent you, not myself. These principles will serve as a guide in my decision making:

  • Wisdom, not folly

  • Justice, not revenge or hate

  • Courage, not cowardice

  • Democratic freedom, not tyranny

  • Knowledge, not ignorance

This is who I am. This is what I believe. I'm eager to put my experience to work and continue my public service as a member of Congress. America needs uniters now more than ever.


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