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Where does Jack Bergman live?

Running for Congress is no joke, but this satirical award is a humorous take on a serious issue - Jack Bergman's residency.

On the serious note, it's deeply problematic that Rep. Jack Bergman resides in Louisiana from Labor Day through Memorial Day when he is not in Washington, DC.

Although he occasionally stays in Watersmeet, MI, Bergman should be considered a resident of Louisiana rather than a Yooper or a Michigander.

Not only is he out of touch with the values of the Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan, but he also votes against veterans, the Soo Locks, infrastructure, and hunting and fishing rights — a far cry from the values of rural Michiganders.

Bergman claims his primary residence since 1996 is a million-dollar summer cottage near the small town of Watersmeet, but he actually lived in a condo in Saline, Michigan until 2007, when he purchased his current home in Louisiana.

Despite being the sole proprietor, Bergman referred to this residential property in Saline as his "business."

This raises concerns about whether he did this to falsely claim his summer cottage as his principal residence in Michigan, avoiding higher property taxes. It also raises the possibility that he denied Gogebic County hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes and claimed a tax deduction for his "business" where he truly resided.


On the other hand, Bob Lorinser has strong connections to the community, having worked, lived, and actively participated here since 1989.

It is time to de-elect "Louisana Jack" and elect a representative who truly understands the interests and values of the people in Michigan, particularly those in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.


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