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What's in the border bill Bergman won't consider?

Rep. Bergman doesn't want to secure the U.S. border; he wants to use it to power-play on a campaign wedge issue.

Here's a synopsis of the 370-page bill.

  • $20 Billion Funding: The bill allocates it all toward border security.

  • Asylum Threshold: It raises the threshold for seeking asylum to a "reasonable possibility" of persecution, requiring individuals to demonstrate that moving within their own country was not feasible.

  • Expedited Review Process: Aims to expedite the asylum review process, providing a stay-or-deport decision within 90-180 days by hiring additional staff such as asylum officers, Border Patrol agents, Customs Officers, immigration judges, lawyers, and support staff, albeit not as many as initially requested by Biden.

  • Detention Bed Mandate: When the 50,000 detention beds are full, ankle bracelets or reporting curfews become mandatory, eliminating the practice of catch-and-release.

  • Near-immediate work permits to asylum-seekers so that we won't have migrants who can't work, sleeping on the streets, or crowding homeless shelters.

  • Humanitarian Parole Rules: Tightens rules for claiming humanitarian parole.

  • Emergency Border Closure: Introduces an emergency provision mandating border closure if the average daily arrivals reach 5,000 for a week or 8,000 in one single day. During the closure, all migrants will be summarily expelled, with exceptions for minors and U.S. obligations under the Convention Against Torture. This rule sunsets in three years.

  • Visa Expansion: This allows for a modest expansion of legal visas, which amounts to about 50,000 per year for employment and family visas.

  • No Pathway to Citizenship: Notably, the bill does not provide a pathway to citizenship for existing illegal immigrants or Dreamers. It is primarily focused on border security rather than comprehensive immigration reform.

From the people of MI01:

Endorsed by the US Border Patrol Union, this bill is strict. Republicans couldn’t have asked for a stricter bill. It's far from the so-called “liberal agenda.” Yet, Rep. Bergman and Speaker Johnson won't support it because border chaos is better for GOP elections. Their lack of integrity shouldn't be so predictable.

Good politicians must make decisions based on facts, not hyperbole and political blackmail. Congress should pass or improve the bill, not consider it "dead on arrival." Next, Congress needs to work on comprehensive immigration reform.

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