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Extreme House Republicans are using the border crisis as a political weapon against Democrats. Shameful.

The border is in crisis, and immediate action is desperately needed. In early January, 64 Republicans, including Rep. Jack Bergman, visited the border to grandstand for photo ops at the epicenter of a national tragedy.

Meanwhile, President Biden and the Senate are diligently working towards a bipartisan deal, which is near. While the details are unknown, this bill must reflect compassion and security. It deserves a vote.

Speaker Johnson says he wants to wait a year to see if Trump can be elected before he negotiates anything on the border — despite calling it an emergency, he refuses to bring it to a vote.

Bergman is mindlessly standing with the extremists and Johnson for political power and control. No courage. No integrity. No problem-solving skills.

He's just quoted calling the situation “sad.” Is it sad enough for strong leadership and courage to address the issue? Refusing to vote on a bipartisan bill for immigration reform and border security jeopardizes our national security and our democracy.

This isn't about politics. It's about people's lives.

"Have You No Sense of Decency?"

Sadly, Jack Bergman is not up to this task.

When elected, I will not allow party politics to stand in the way of solving our nation's problems. Northern Michigan and the UP deserve better.


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