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What is the Rural Fund?

Champions of the rural working class need your support the most.

As Lorinser's extended fundraising efforts take off today, this is what we're fighting for with the #MI01 Rural Fund.

Bob Lorinser is running for Congress to represent one of the most critical constituencies in America, people of the rural heartland. He and others believe the future of Democratic success significantly depends on supporting candidates in rural, red districts.

"Our district in Northern Michigan and the UP is one of the most beautiful in the country, but we lack a Congressperson willing to alleviate the pain of struggling rural communities," said Lorinser. "Two cycle strategies make candidates the most viable, and we need long-term support to enact change."

Lorinser ran for the seat in 2022. This year, he expanded his mission. Lorinser created the Rural Fund, an initiative that directly financially benefits his campaign but with a modified goal of advancing shared Democratic principles in areas where candidates need it the most - across the heartland.

"The idea is to use my platform not only to advocate for issues that affect my district but to spark a movement in other ruby-red, conservative districts around us," said Lorinser. "We want to inspire other candidates to be undaunted in adversity. Rural America needs tenacious Democrats who never give up, despite the odds. It's the only way to enact long-term change.

"We've already laid a lot of groundwork, but Democrats have a lot of work to do to convince neglected voters they deserve better," said Lorinser. "Hardworking families get by with tenacity, grit, and perseverance. It's how they survive, but they deserve so much more.

Lorinser is running on affordable and accessible healthcare for all, childcare, education, and housing. He champions workers' rights, livable wages, and organized labor. He considers himself a fierce fighter for conservation and an advocate for Great Lakes' protections and environmental sustainability. Much of his platform centers on individual liberties - women's rights, non-discrimination of the LGBTQ+ community, and care for young people who are victims of the proliferation of depression and violence.

"I grew up in a working-class Midwest home and dedicated my life to public service - as a social worker, physician, diplomat, and public health director," said Lorinser. "Voters in Northern Michigan are fiercely independent, and if I can reach them, there's no place riper to change the most minds.

"Victory is, of course, the goal, but our journey and our mantra supersedes winning an election. Expanding communication and outreach through the Rural Fund is about educating the public on initiatives and legislation that help hardworking families of America's rural heartland."

Lorinser says the fundraising angle is to ignite a united strategy among quality candidates and eventually establish partnerships among campaigns and programs. He hopes to build a strong field network starting on the ground in Michigan's 1st District.

"Candidates like me fight to represent people and embody a larger cause." - Dr. Bob Lorinser

The premise is that it's not too late for the party to make amends and rebuild relationships with people who live on the quiet dirt roads of America, restoring Democrats' reputation as champions of working people, committed to improving their lives and undaunted by wealth and power.

"Rural America is one of the last bastions for Democrats," said Lorinser. "Without funding and party support, losing ground in our communities could soon be catastrophic for a party committed to helping citizens."

Lorinser says he's fighting for a kind of politics that reaches every corner of our country, putting people before profit and country before party. Against the GOP's corporate PACs and dark money, he is promoting and using the Rural Fund to seek founding donors, volunteers, and field staff for the campaign.


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