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The last bastion for Democrats: rural America

We're trying to spark a movement to advance Democratic principles across a rural-voter stronghold.

Rural America is one of the last stands for Democrats in America. Without quality candidates, funding, and party support, losing ground in our rural communities could soon be catastrophic for Democratic initiatives that actually help citizens.

Rural Democrats must strategize and unite Over the past decade, Democrats have been effectively cede campaigns in rural America, leaving Democrats a narrow path to victory even in the best circumstances. Rural life is rooted in shared values of independence, common sense, tradition, frugality, community, and hard work. Folks in districts like Michigan's First vote on what rings true and personal to them: Can this person be trusted? Are they authentic? We need a united strategy, quality candidates, partnerships among campaigns, and strong field network if we going to restore our reputation as champions of working people, committed to improving their lives, and undaunted by wealth and power. The only way for Democrats to regain traction in rural districts is by running strong campaigns in districts that usually back Republicans. Help us continue the fight in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula with a contribution to Dr. Bob Lorinser's Rural Fund. In our conversations with rural voters, through the simple act of listening, we almost always catch a glimpse of common ground if we focus on values, not parties. It’s not too late to make amends, to rebuild our relationship with the quiet roads of rural America. We have to hit the ground running today and recommit ourselves to the kind of politics that reaches every corner of our country. -Dr. Bob Express Donate: $25 Or, donate another amount


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