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Broken healthcare system highlighted in bumpy booster rollout

Getting any vaccine should be simple, convenient, and prepaid; Because healthcare is an American right. But, wait times are too long, appointments are hard to get, insurers are slowing things down.

Unlike the previous COVID-19 vaccine roll-outs, where the federal government handled the purchasing and distribution of COVID-19 shots, private insurance companies now play a crucial role.

Unfortunately, their administrative red tape, reimbursement issues, and other problems have made the process much more challenging.

It's another example of how public health is compromised when healthcare companies prioritize profit before patients.

It's frustrating to see this situation unfold. Let me be clear: Private health insurance companies pose widespread financial barriers to care and ultimately leave us sicker.

The insurance system is designed only to benefit powerful interest groups — insurers, Big Pharma, and large providers.

Who are the losers?

All of us, American patients.

The only solution?

Universal public coverage.

When elected, I will fight like hell to pass Medicare for All. A single-payer system can save over $500 billion yearly. That money is desperately needed to address our national debt and budget deficit.

Together, we can make a difference and ensure that everyone has access to the medical care they need, when and where it is needed, controlled not by the government but by us, American citizens.

Stand in my corner, and I will fight like hell to knock down the barriers of our broken healthcare system.


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