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Rural Michigan's #1 priority

In interviews, on the campaign trail, and on calls by my grand-dog Bentley's side, I'm often asked, "What's your biggest issue? What's your top priority?"


As a family doctor, the quick answer is, "Universal healthcare." But why stop there? The better answer is "You." You're my top priority. Allow me to explain.

Bentley and Bob Lorinser

My campaign relies on the generosity of grassroots donors like you to achieve our collective goals. Your contribution—no matter how small—helps us move rural America forward.


If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will process immediately.


As I journey through Michigan's 1st District, I'm often asked about my positions and policies. Let me tell you, these aren't just my issues — they're ours.


Family sustaining wages. Kitchen table economics. Healthcare. Education. Housing. Childcare. Infrastructure and connectivity. Addressing climate change and protecting our environment. 

These are not just talking points. They're the issues that are the lifeblood of our communities. When we improve on them, children thrive, families come together, and lives improve.

These priorities are universal, too. With a decade of serving five diplomatic overseas tours in 13+ countries in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, nearly 35 years working as a Yooper physician, and traveling to almost 80 countries throughout my life, I've seen firsthand that these issues transcend borders. They unite us in our shared humanity and common aspirations.


Now, through my travels across all 36 counties of the 1st District, I've learned that despite our differences, our goals remain the same. We all seek prosperity, security, and a better future for ourselves and our children.


So, let's come together, not as individuals, but as a collective force for positive change. That is why I want need you in my corner; and you can rest assured I will be in yours.


Thank you for your generosity, loyalty, and support.




-Dr. Bob


Bob Lorinser

Candidate for US Congress

Northern Michigan / Upper Peninsula

Democrat, MI01


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