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Over 50% of Northern Michigan / UP families live in childcare deserts

The lack of childcare and pre-primary education is a national disgrace. As your next Congressman, I won’t accept it.

Parents can especially feel the struggle on a snowday. School is canceled and families need immediate solutions for childcare.

If you can chip in toward our effort to unseat a solutionless Representative, I would be honored to work with Democrats and Republicans to get things done. Donate now.

Some alarming statistics about childcare:

Childcare workers make 59 cents less per hour than dog walkers.

Over 50 percent of Northern Michigan and UP families live in childcare deserts.

The US government spends two to five times less on childcare and  pre-primary education than other wealthy developed nations.

American families' childcare costs are the same as in-state college tuition per child.

The percentage of American women aged 25 to 54 in the labor force is far less than in many other nations. The highest is Sweden at 88%. The US trails by 12%.

While childcare benefits our economy and our Nation, the family and children are priceless.

So, where have we gone wrong? “Human infrastructure" — childcare, elderly care, schools, and healthcare — are vital to our future. We are currently failing.

As your next Congressman, I find this unacceptable. We can and must do better. So long as I'm honored to hold this seat in the US House, I will do everything in my power to help hardworking families thrive.

Help me get to Congress. Make a donation today.


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