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Rep. Bergman unresponsive to media's request for a debate with Dr. Bob

The First District of Michigan hasn't had a public Congressional town hall since Rep. Jack Bergman's sophomore term. Dr. Bob Lorinser, through an open letter to Bergman published on June 15, is officially challenging his opponent to agree to three live televised debates.

Dr. Bob Lorinser has held over 100 events in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula since announcing his candidacy for US Congress. This requires a massive amount of resources. Please help us continue the momentum with a contribution today.


We are disappointed — but not surprised — that Jack Bergman’s campaign did not respond to our request to agree to a debate. Debates are a cornerstone of our democracy. It's critical that voters compare each candidate’s character and positions on important issues.

Several media outlets also attempted to organize debates and forums, with no success. Our campaign is committed to contining our town hall tour and stay engaged with people who Dr. Bob hopes to represent. That’s why we are traveling everywhere, and inviting everyone to join him in being part of solutions.

— Kevin Numerick, Campaign Manager

Lorinser's Open Letter

Dear Representative Bergman and staff,

On behalf of my campaign for US Congress, I am writing to propose a series of three live, televised public debates.

Various stations and dates are available for broadcasting. At this juncture, all that is required from you is a written, public confirmation that you will work in good faith with producers and schedulers and make an honest effort to confirm three dates before October 1.

I encourage your team to find ample opportunity to make yourself available to constituents so voters can compare our visions and principles. They deserve to hear from both of us on the same stage.

The great honor of running to represent Northern Michigan and the UP comes with the responsibility to inform voters and participate in a free exchange of ideas.

To accept, reject, or discuss this proposal, respond to my campaign by Mon. July 4, 2022, at


Dr. Bob Lorinser

Dr. Lorinser's open letter to Jack Bergman requesting three, live broadcasted debates was e-mailed to Bergman's campaign, published on Social Media, and sent via USPS to Bergman's campaign office in Acme, MI.

If more media outlets are interested in participating, please encourage, coordinate and correspond with both campaigns at and


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