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Lorinser announces core 2023 - 24 staff

Bob Lorinser's campaign greatly depends on volunteers and county captains, who are the backbone of the organization. Visit to get involved.

To help facilitate those efforts and achieve ambitious fundraising goals in the third quarter, the campaign has announced its core 2023 - 24 staff.

Dr. Bob Lorinser for Congress Staff


Kevin Numerick

Campaign Manager - Traverse City, MI

Born in Traverse City, Kevin began his political career in MI01 and has 20 years of experience in political organizing and grassroots activism. With a degree in marketing and extensive experience in the field, Kevin has worked with campaigns at various levels, ranging from presidential races to state and local campaigns across different districts and states.

His commitment lies in supporting rural Democratic candidates nationwide and in local races in MI01. He is passionate about making a meaningful impact in these vital political arenas.


Andrew Lorinser

Communications - Marquette, MI

Andrew has been involved in Michigan politics since 2005. He has worked on multiple campaigns in Michigan's First District, including several Congressional runs, municipal campaigns, and consulting and activism for Governor, State House and Senate, and Presidential campaigns. Andrew has a background in media production with experience in journalism, and he studied public relations and marketing at Northern Michigan University.


Elena Greer

Political Director - East Lansing, MI

Elena has a solid political background, having served as the Youth Vice Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party on the party's executive board. She has also managed campaigns from local to the Congressional level. Elena is a dedicated political professional, having worked with various campaigns and advocacy organizations across the state to support progressive causes and candidates.


Jenny Johnson

Fundraising Manager - Petoskey, MI

Jenny is a highly successful fundraiser recognized for her ability to generate revenue. She is an enthusiastic member of the Democratic executive committee in her county, with a wealth of experience in advertising and corporate sponsorship. Her impressive sales and media advertising skills have been established through working with several Fortune 1000 companies. Jenny is devoted to community engagement and has significantly contributed to fundraising efforts for a major university in Michigan's 1st District.


Peter Lorinser

Gratitude Coordinator - Mystic, CT

Peter is an experienced political professional with more than two decades of involvement in the field. He has held positions at the US State Department, worked for Sen. John Kerry, and led local judicial races in his hometown of Marquette, including Circuit Court Judge and Prosecuting Attorney.

Peter has also worked at the Congressional campaign level as a regional field coordinator in Massachusetts and as a data and assistant finance director in Dr. Bob's 2022 run. This year, he serves as a consultant for Dr. Bob and oversees coordinating outreach to committed donors.


Very Important People

Peggy Lorinser

Local Liaisons / County Captains

Sonya McGrady - Compliance

Denisha Ragland - Analytics

Caleb Milne - Data

The campaign is grateful to the liaison team and dedicated volunteers. Thank you to party chairs, executive committee members, party organizers, and various vendors and consultants for their commitment to the campaign and to Democratic causes in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

Hundreds of personnel are committed to Dr. Bob's effort through activism and volunteering.

Thank you.

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