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A "cost-free" primary election, a prelude to November's challenges

In yesterday's primary, much will be said about the implications of Nikki Haley receiving nearly 30% of the vote and the "uncommitted" protest vote against Biden.

Some argue these results indicate trouble for the Republican party or Biden's candidacy. However, it's essential to recognize that this primary election was, in essence, an opportunity for voters to express their support or dissatisfaction with their party's candidate without significant repercussions.


Yesterday, voters sent a message to both candidates. The true test lies ahead in November.

The question lingers - Will voters continue to support their chosen candidate when it truly matters?

Will those who were "uncommitted" in the Democratic party stay home? Will Haley's supporters stay home? My guess is neither, but the crossover vote will be interesting.

We need voters to show up in November for candidates who will fight for our freedoms and support hardworking families, someone who will champion small businesses through labor reform and livable wages.

We require leaders who possess practical problem-solving skills and can solve pressing issues that impact our lives, such as healthcare for all Americans, childcare, public education, housing, and economic prosperity.

We need individuals who prioritize both energy independence and environmental protection, addressing climate change while promoting a diplomatic approach to international problems.

Above all, we need leaders who will govern with honesty, empathy, and a commitment to unity, respecting and serving all citizens while preserving and strengthening our democracy.

This is precisely why I am running for Congress. Let us remember that the August and November elections are not without consequence. It is our duty as engaged citizens to participate actively in shaping the future of our nation, for the November elections will be anything but cost-free.


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