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Get your spring yard signs now at Dr. Bob Lorinser's union outlet

Dr. Bob Lorinser's campaign launches union store for the first run of campaign yard signs.

Now that the great thaw is behind us, yard signs are in high demand. A Supreme Court ruling on the 1st Amendment allows citizens to display signs year-round on private property regardless of any local municipal ordinance.

If you want to show your support for Dr. Bob now, please consider a $16 donation at

All purchases at our union store support Dr. Bob's campaign and benefit union families. A portion of each sale also goes toward carbon capture.

When will free signs be available?

Your purchase of a 24” x 18” sign today will help fund our inventory for others this August.

After the primary election, we will be distributing a massive inventory of complimentary signs to anyone in the district who requests them. A form will be available on our website to request delivery.

We are looking for more volunteers to help with our August distribution. Visit In the “other” field, indicate your interest in yard-sign distribution, and which counties you’re willing to deliver to.

If you own a property with high traffic visibility and are willing to display a large, 4’ x 8’ sign, please contact

Yard signs will also be available at your local county party headquarters and other locations. Outlets will be listed on our website at a later date.

A limited supply of free signs are available at all Dr. Bob events. We hope to see you in-person soon.


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