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Failing union scores: Rep. Bergman turns his back on labor and workers

The legislative record of Rep. Jack Bergman - and his failing score cards with unions - shows a consistent abandonment of the American worker and organized labor.

Jack Bergman voted “No” to:

​Workers’ Rights

​Protection of Healthcare Workers

Soo Locks Funding

​Non- Discrimination / Age Rights

Protect Consumers

​Protect for Older Workers



Saving Social Security

​In-district PCB Manufacturing Jobs

Cheaper Insulin

​Prescription Drug Price Reform

​Farm Workforce Modernization

​Healthcare Affordability

Jack Bergman scorecard


He co-sponsored the fewest bills of the entire Michigan delegation.

He is ranked in the bottom 13 % of all representatives in sponsoring bills.

He ranks in the bottom 10% for getting Senate support, which is necessary for a proposed bill to become law.

Bergman has sponsored three bills that became law over seven and half years, two of which designated a name change for a VA facility.

Bergman is not a friend or advocate for labor unions and their workers.

I am.

Bergman is not good at passing bills.

I will be.

It is that simple.

Before you accept Rep. Jack Bergman's "Happy Labor Day" greeting on Monday, let him know that actions speak louder than words. His legislative scores are abysmal.

I will forever stand in solidarity with the American worker. I am a product of a working-class union home, and I will never turn my back on the engines of our economy.


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