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Bergman’s record shows constant abandonment of Northern Michigan / U.P. priorities

My opponent's reckless votes fall straight down the party-line, without regard to how it could negatively affect the hardworking men and women of Northern Michigan and the UP.

Look at his record. Did he vote for you, your family, Northern Michigan / the UP, or the State of Michigan? If not, I need your help to replace Jack Bergman. We need your support now more than ever. Help us extend our outreach across the district to get out the vote.

Can you make a contribution today?

Jack Bergman voted “No” to:

  • Women’s Rights

  • Voting Rights Act

  • Workers’ Rights

  • Climate Protection

  • Clean Energy Production

  • Reducing Carbon Emissions

  • Women’s Reproductive Rights

  • Protect Health Workers

  • Infrastructure

  • Soo Locks Funding

  • Age Discrimination Rights

  • Protect Consumers

  • Protect Older Workers

  • Pro-Retiree

  • In-district Semiconductor Jobs

  • Fight Domestic Terrorism

  • Cheaper Insulin

  • Prescription Drug Price Reform

  • Farm Workforce Modernization

  • Supporting Veterans

  • Food Safety

  • Birth Control

  • American Wildlife

  • Healthcare Affordability

  • Child Tax Credits

  • Fair Taxes

  • Closing Tax Loopholes for the Ultra Wealthy and Corporations

  • End Gerrymandering

  • Cheaper Gas

  • Background Checks to Buy Assault Weapons

  • Active Shooter Alerts

  • Increasing Safeguards of Baby Formula Supplies

  • Protecting Interracial and Gay Marriage

  • Upholding the 2020 Election

The list goes on and on, not to mention he voted for the largest unfunded tax cuts for the super-rich, reducing revenue for programs to help everyday workers in our district. His votes for unfunded tax cuts created the third largest deficit in U.S. history.

Please look at how our Representative is voting. There is a choice. I am eager to represent you, your friends, and your family. I will protect our democracy, our liberty and always vote in the best interest of our district, whether a bill comes from my side of the aisle or the other.



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