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Dr. Bob Lorinser's people-powered campaign exceeds 2021 fundraising goal with individual donors

The Lorinser for Congress campaign achieved its first significant fundraising milestone on Thursday, meeting a $100,000 goal before the end of the month. Over 1,000 individual donors generously gave by December and Doc says although the campaign is just getting started, the milestone was cause for celebration and gratitude.

The Dr. Bob Lorinser for Congress campaign is 100% funded by individual donors. With a deadline at midnight on Jan. 1, Dr. Bob Lorinser is thanking donors for "continuing the fundraising momentum into 2022."

GWINN, Mich. – We are elated to announce we have met our 2021 fundraising goal. I cherish the generosity of Michigan's First District. Thank you.

If asking people for money is the trait of a politician, I am no politician. I believe in campaign finance reform because dark money and corporate PACs' influence on American politics is a serious issue.

Our campaign is currently 100% people-powered, funded exclusively by the generosity of small individual donors like you. Together, we should all be incredibly proud of what we accomplished so far. Campaigning in the second largest district east of the Mississippi requires a lot of resources — and we just acquired six new counties.

I grew up in a rural Midwest working-class household with five siblings, so I know the value of a dollar. Unfortunately, times aren't easy for many Northern Michiganders. We are just as grateful for your volunteerism, social media support, and spreading our message to other voters so they have the opportunity to compare my platform and character with the incumbent.

Your efforts are going a long way in advancing better policies and values that will improve the lives of hard-working Northern Michigan / U.P. families. Every dollar increases our chances to bring honest Congressional representation back to the First District.

I will repay you in Congress with a tireless effort to promote and uphold the values of rural Michiganders, which could help guide our divided Nation.

I am confident I can be an influential Representative to lead us on a national and worldwide stage under the ideals and principles of what it means to be a proud American.

Thank you for continuing the momentum into the New Year, and I wish you all a blessed and prosperous 2022.

With deep gratitude,

—Dr. Bob

The Dr. Bob Lorinser for Congress campaign is 100% funded by individual donors. Headed into 2022, Dr. Bob is up against corporate PACS and dark money. We need you. Can you pitch in and make a contribution today?

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