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Delta County Issues & Solutions

As a candidate for Congress in Michigan's First District, I created the Michigan Rural Fund to highlight political issues facing rural communities across the heartland and dedicate ourselves to solutions.

Delta County is home to 37,000 hardworking people in MI01, and you all deserve a Congressperson who understands life in our communities. I have outlined potential solutions to address the political issues we face in Delta County.

  1. Increase transparency and accountability in local government to ensure ethical and efficient use of public funds.

  2. Invest in safe, environmentally friendly manufacturing and job creation.

  3. Engage our Native communities, highlight Indigenous issues, and encourage tribal sovereignty.

  4. Invest in education by increasing funding and supporting innovative programs for Delta County students.

  5. Encourage sustainable practices and invest in clean energy to reduce pollution and mitigate the impact of climate change on local ecosystems.

  6. Investigate, study, and improve the safety of workers and reduce workplace hazards.

  7. Promote union protection

  8. Develop a comprehensive economic development plan to attract and retain businesses and create job opportunities for the local workforce.

  9. Invest in infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and public transportation to improve the quality of life for residents.

  10. Expand access to quality healthcare services by partnering with providers and organizations to improve delivery.

  11. Increase the availability of affordable housing for low-income families and seniors in Delta County.

  12. Implement community policing initiatives and other strategies to reduce crime rates and drug-related incidents.

  13. Develop a comprehensive plan for managing natural resources such as water and forests, ensuring their sustainable use for future generations.

Democrats represented Michigan's First District from 1933 - 2011, but we've lost our rural footing since then. We must flip this Congressional seat back to someone who truly knows and cares about our communities.

For the first time in decades, we finally have a candidate committed to a two-cycle strategy that can have real power at the ballot box. I'm honored to be that candidate.

I lost my election last round, but I've been a fighter my whole life — growing up poor, working my way from community college to get into medical school so I could serve low-income Medicaid recipients. I'm driven by the same perseverance and grit Delta County residents know well.

I'm running again as a proud Democrat, unashamed of being a blue dot in a red sea, and ready to create a tidal wave of change.

The people in MI01 need a compassionate representative grounded in principles who can stand up to the ultra-wealthy and demand they pay their fair share.

We need livable wages, union protections, and family-sustaining jobs. We need someone to protect the vulnerable, the environment, our ecosystems, and all of our people.

Rural America especially needs universal healthcare. When I'm elected to Congress, on day one, I'll draft or sponsor its legislation. We need a publicly financed, non-profit national health insurance program that fully covers medical care costs for all Americans. And we need a doctor in the House to get it done.

Healthcare is a human right.

I am dedicated to creating a fair and just community for all and would be honored to have Delta County in my corner.

Grateful for your support and loyalty,

-Dr. Bob


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