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Bergman running for Speaker is delusional - Dr. Bob Lorinser

Official Statement: Bob Lorinser

MARQUETTE, Mich. – Jack Bergman's bid for the Speaker's seat is puzzling. There is no difference between Bergman and his fellow extremist Rep. Jim Jordan. Their voting records are 90% similar. Jordan and Bergman both:

  • Claim the 2020 Presidential election was stolen.

  • Want to cut Social Security and Medicare.

  • Participated in events that caused Jan. 6.

  • Protect billionaires from paying taxes.

  • Cannot legislate, pass bills, or lead.

Jordan and Bergman are legislative disruptors and obstructionists. Their goal isn't to govern; it's not to legislate; it's to destroy. The notion that Jack Bergman could lead the House of Representatives is delusional.

The role of a Speaker is to build coalitions, cooperate, collaborate, and compromise to pass meaningful legislation. Bergman can’t. In 16 years, Jordan never sponsored a bill that passed, and Bergman has nearly the same record. Both represent the far-right extreme of their party, not the majority of Americans or Republicans.

America needs a Speaker with the experience, leadership, vision, and moral character to lead the House. Jack Bergman and Jim Jordan lack those attributes and qualifications.

It is time to put country before party, end dysfunction and turmoil, and work together to solve problems, improve our union, and promote the general welfare of the American people.

Dr. Bob Lorinser, MD, MSW, MPH

Candidate for US Congress

Northern Michigan & the Upper Peninsula

Democrat, MI01

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Dr. Bob Lorinser is a Democrat running for the US House of Representatives in northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.


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