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Bergman damages the chain of command by objecting to COVID vaccines for those who defend the Nation

Bergman condones service personnel to disagree and not follow orders, disrupting the chain of command.

Will you donate today to support a candidate who respects the military chain of command, believes in science, and wants to end a pandemic?

WASHINGTON, DC — The COVID-19 vaccine is the only vaccine — out of all the required vaccines — Bergman filed an amicus brief in favor of exemptions. The brief singles out no other vaccine, suggesting Bergman doesn't support the most proven measure to combat COVID-19.

Mandatory military vaccinations started in 1777 when George Washington ordered that the Continental Army be inoculated against smallpox, without which the British may have won the war. The Department of Defense administers 17 vaccinations and they have outlined accepted temporary and permanent exemptions as command decisions.


  • Planned separation or retirement within 180 days, provided the following conditions are met:

    • Service member is not assigned, deployed or scheduled to perform duties in an area where specific immunization is indicated

    • The commander has not directed immunization because of overriding mission requirements

  • Religious:

    • Granted according to Service-specific policies

    • Command decisions may be made with medical, judge advocate and/or chaplain consultation

It's "a dereliction of duty" to allow unvaccinated servicemembers to endanger the lives of their peers. -Admiral Lescher, Vice Chief of Naval Operations

"The President of the United States, not any federal judge, is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces" and there is "no basis in this case for employing the judicial power in a manner that military commanders believe would impair the military of the United States as it defends the American people."

It is bothersome that our Congressman, a retired Lt. General of the Marines, disagrees with this.

It's dangerous for bureaucrats in Washington, lawyers, and judges to tell our military what is needed to defend our Nation.

I support our military, and I support the chain of command. I support COVID vaccines. We must continue to protect our soldiers with scientifically proven health measures.


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