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A lifetime of adventure, and we're not done yet — Happy 40th anniversary

Bob and Peggy celebrate 40 years

Join us for Dr. Bob and Peggy Lorinser's anniversary celebration with a $40 gift toward their next mission — making lives better for all Northern Michigan and U.P. families.


We've traveled the world together, from Minnesota to New Mexico, Marquette and abroad. From terrorist hot spots, embassy lockdowns, "duck n covers", and now on a journey again to DC. For over four decades you have been my best friend, my teammate, and partner.

We have celebrated anniversaries at our first home in St. Paul, in Navajo Nation, Marquette for decades, and while serving our country in Seoul, Kabul, Rabat, and Baghdad. Sometimes, we celebrated by phone when I was working in small ERs or at hospitals in the rural UP, or while on temporary duty at faraway embassies.

Today, we will celebrate your favorite way — on the pontoon boat at your favorite home on Bass Lake in Gwinn.

It's been an amazing adventure.

We raised three children who will have a positive impact on others through education, activism, and passion. Now, our granddaughters — all who we would move mountains for — are ready to climb them and change the world. They all take after Grandma.

Thank you for sharing the mission to make lives better for all families, so others can have the same blessings we did — experiences and memories we could have never dreamed of. And, we're not done yet!

Today is one of my life's greatest milestones — 40 years, you and me together, and there's no one else on the planet I would rather have by my side.

None of it could have happened without 40 years of your love, support, teamwork and happiness. The symbol of the 40th is a ruby gemstone, representing an eternal flame of 40 years of marriage, but we will celebrate plainly together on the boat in amazement of our journey and our blessings.

Isn’t this the best? Happy anniversary.



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