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Young people deserve affordable healthcare, education, and a clean energy future

“According to a new Harvard study, the majority of young Americans believe our democracy is ‘in trouble’ or ‘failing’. We need to show youth voters a better future.” – Dr. Bob Lorinser

Young people deserve universal healthcare when and where they need it, innovative affordable education and a clean energy future with jobs and a living wage. Nothing is free, but young people are eager to work. Beyond a "social safety net", Dr. Bob believes policies should create an "economic opportunity trampoline."


BOSTON, Mass. – For over 20 years, the Harvard Public Opinion Project has provided the most comprehensive look at the political opinions, voting trends, and views on public service held by young Americans.

A Fall 2021 survey of 2,109 young Americans between 18- and 29-years-old, includes young Americans’ concerns on their mental health, COVID-19, climate change, and foreign policy.

The results are alarming. This needs our urgent attention.

  • Only 7% of young Americans view the United States as a “healthy democracy”; 27% described the nation as a “somewhat functioning democracy,” 39% a “democracy in trouble,” and 13% went so far as to declare the nation a “failed democracy.”

  • Young Americans place the chances that they will see a second civil war in their lifetime at 35%; chances that at least one state secedes at 25%.

  • More than half of young Americans believe the Federal government is not doing enough to address climate change. A majority (56%) of young Americans expect climate change to impact their future decisions – and nearly half (45%) already see its local effects.

  • More than half (51%) of young Americans report having felt down, depressed, and hopeless – and 25% have had thoughts of self-harm – at least several times in the last two weeks.

By a margin of more than two-to-one, young Americans value compromise over confrontation.
  • Less than one-third believe that “America is the greatest country in the world”.

  • Strengthening the economy, uniting the country, and improving healthcare are the keys to a successful presidency in the eyes of young Americans.

Other top issues include:

  • Addressing climate change.

  • Reducing economic inequality.

  • Improving our public education system.

  • Ensuring social justice.

  • Improving America’s standing on the international stage

As a Democratic candidate for Congress, we need this to change. We need our youth to believe in our future and trust our government and its leaders. I will work hard to make this a reality. There are fundamental differences when I compare our campaign, vision, and policies to Jack Bergman’s.

  • We believe it is possible to unite our country while strengthening our economy.

  • We believe improving our health and education system is fundamental, and that is why I support social programs making their way through Congress.

  • We believe it is possible to represent all members of Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula by compromise rather than confrontation.

  • We believe we can mitigate the ravages of climate change to give our children a brighter future.

  • We will strive to be the greatest country in the world – including recognizing our deficits, learning from them, and addressing them to strengthen and grow.

  • We can stand tall on the international stage by showing our compassion and principles, not just our military strength.

Last year, according to the Marquette Mining Journal, Jack Bergman expressed special concern about 18-year-olds, who in his mind have no concept of civics, American history, and constitutional government.”

“Our middle schools and high schools do not teach American history,” he said. He called the situation “disturbing.”

Where the current representative sees deficient youth, I see deficient leadership.

So often we hear “our youth are our future,” but the reality is, our youth are our now. We all can have an immediate impact on shaping democracy, and all generations deserve leadership they can trust. When dishonesty is the norm in politics, how are we to blame them for becoming disengaged? We have let them down and now is the time for a change.

I would be honored to have the support of all generations of this great district, so I can advance policies that give young people hope.

– Dr. Bob Lorinser


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