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With max-signatures, Lorinser officially files for Democratic primary ballot

The Lorinser for Congress campaign captured the maximum amount of nomination petition signatures in every one of the district's 36 counties.

LANSING, Mich. — Bob Lorinser, a Democratic candidate for US Congress representing Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, has officially filed his paperwork to secure a place on the Democratic primary ballot.

Lorinser's campaign successfully surpassed the required minimum of 1,000 signatures and reached the maximum limit of 2,000 set by the state of Michigan. Volunteers captured signatures in every one of the district's 36 counties, demonstrating his commitment to every corner of Northern Michigan and the UP, according to Lorinser.

The achievement places Lorinser on the primary ballot, scheduled for August 6th, 2024, and positions him as a strong contender for the Democratic nomination. This year marks Lorinser's second congressional run, and he says he is more determined than ever to unseat the incumbent Republican representative, Rep. Jack Bergman.

"Considering unfavorable redistricting in 2022, my campaign already proved we can move the needle in the area for Democrats by up to 5 points," stated Lorinser. "My experience during the last cycle gives me a distinct advantage and the determination to continue our fight for hardworking families."

Lorinser recognizes that unseating an incumbent can be challenging but firmly believes that the chances of success are exponentially better with repeat candidates.

"It's difficult for any first-time candidate to make a dent in the electorate, but Rep. Jack Bergman has never faced a second-time challenger," said Lorinser. "Our campaign has garnered tremendous support this year, evident by the generosity of thousands of donors. I am very grateful."

Lorinser advocates for the needs of everyday hardworking families in rural Michigan. His platform includes policies such as universal healthcare, affordable secondary education, housing, and childcare.

He says he is the only candidate supporting a single-payer healthcare system and a staunch supporter of Medicare for All "because it will save taxpayers $500 billion a year."

Lorinser is a proponent of a labor revolution, which creates more and better jobs with family-sustaining wages and workers' rights while helping small businesses thrive. He also emphasizes the importance of environmental protection, border security, immigration reform, and a strong moral foreign policy.

"I am running for Congress again because our district has been ignored and underserved for far too long, and to succeed, we cannot abandon our momentum," said Lorinser. "We must persevere because Northern Michigan and the UP deserve a fighter and a uniter."

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With a diverse background as a family physician, former diplomat, social worker, and public health medical director, Bob Lorinser is a Democrat running for Congress in Michigan’s 1st District. He has served in various capacities, including with the State Department, in the Navajo Nation, and at the US Air Force base in KI Sawyer. Lorinser has lived in Marquette County for nearly four decades.


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