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Testimonials from Northern Michigan & UP voters - Ed. 1

We thought we would share some testimonials recently captured during our video shoot last month. Here are what locals in the central Upper Peninsula are saying about their support for Dr. Bob's candidacy. Dr. Bob is equally committed to supporting all of you. Submit your own testimonial at

We would love to hear from you and get your feedback on the campaign.

We're also asking for a contribution today, so we can continue strong in gathering signatures for Dr. Lorinser nomination petition. Thank you for your generosity.

"Big endorsements will come, but I am most excited to share testimonials from extraordinary everyday citizens," said Dr. Bob.

"Here's the first batch from across the political spectrum — Conservatives, liberals, working families, educators, healthcare professionals, essential workers and business owners are all standing up in support of my candidacy. Your support is humbling."


"Dr Bob has walked the walk, and his career demonstrates his longtime commitment not to politics, but to people. "I’m on the edge of never voting in this country again because politicians have by and large decided to focus their campaigns and their time in office on winning the political game, not on working together to solve the very real and present problems of our time. "Dr. Bob has taken the time to listen, and seems to be authentic in his intention to represent all the people in this district and to work toward collaborative problem solving instead of seeing further division between Americans. "In the end, I will vote for the people who demonstrate themselves to truly be devoted to solutions, collective interests and win-win-win outcomes in a highly interconnected world. If I don’t see that in a candidate, I won’t even vote. To vote for anything less is to support the destruction of democracy. — Keith Glendon, Tech/Business Entrepreneur, Fmr. School Board Trustee


"Dr. Bob is one of the most down-to-earth, caring people I have ever met. It is so exciting to know he is running for office because I have no doubt he will make a difference for all of us. We need this so badly." — Jean Armatti, Ret. Essential Retail


"I support Dr. Bob for a variety of reasons, most importantly his support and engagement with common people. Dr. Bob listens and encourages open-minded dialog. It's a quality in a Representative I admire. As a retired business person, Bob will be someone I can support." — Bill Hetrick, Ret. Business Owner


"We need to recognize teachers need respect and a fair salary. Dr. Bob shares this concern and knows it's time to think outside of the box in the delivery of education in today's world. I support Dr. Bob because he believes education is important in order to have educated voters." — Jean Hetrick, Ret. Educator & School Board Trustee


"Dr. Bob's support of working people is very important to me. He is a longtime Northern Michigan resident and raised a family in the 1st District. Dr. Bob knows and can relate to the needs of the people in the area." — Dan Carilli, Steelworker / Union Member


"We're voting for Dr. Bob because he'll fight for the workin'man. Through trade schools and apprenticeships, we need a skilled and trained labor force. Dr. Bob understands working families built this country." — Mark and Amber Mitchell, Construction Superintendent, Healthcare Worker


"Dr. Bob's been a leader here for a long time. I trust him, and that's what I want in a Congressman — someone trustworthy. [My family] needs a Representative from the area, who knows the lifestyle and what it's like to live here. "Dr. Bob understands the people and the importance of offering them quality, accessible healthcare." — Dr. Christopher Dehlin, MD, Singletrack Health4


"One of the biggest issues our families face is affordable and accessible childcare. Dr. Bob is an intelligent, caring, compassionate person who has lived in the district, and put children through our school systems. "He understands because he's a great listener, and that's a quality in a Congressman I want." — Kathy Harsch, Busy Bee Daycare


"I support Dr. Bob because, even as a conservative, I've grown to become a more independent voter. I'm voting for the person, not the party. He knows small businesses are important. Dr. Bob is honest and principled, and if he doesn't know the answer, he'll find it." — Brian Harsch, Jean Kays Pasties


"I support Dr. Bob because I'll sleep easy knowing my daughter and granddaughter have good representation in Congress. No matter what your socioeconomic status is, he'll fight for all of us and promote common sense solutions." — John Q. Stewart, Retired Prison Guard


Thank you for your support. To submit your own testimonial in support of Dr. Bob Lorinser, visit Please feel free to offer a personal story, or let the campaign know what issues Dr. Bob should be addressing in his campaign for US Congress.

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