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Rep. Bergman votes against CHIPS+ Act, against local manufacturers and in-district jobs

The CHIPS+ Act secures dedicated funds to support the domestic production of semiconductor technologies.

These chips are critical for the U.S. auto industry and workers, and many are made here in the 1st District, supporting hundreds of jobs.

CALUMET, Mich. — Our reliance on overseas manufacturing impacts every U.S. citizen and our national security. We need to bring it back home.

My opponent voted against this game-changing bipartisan bill, and Congress signed the bill into law despite his attempt at obstruction. This bill is an example of the government coming together for a common goal to recharge the American economy and remain competitive with China.

U.S. tech innovators invented semiconductors, but domestically the Nation only manufactures 12% of the supply. Asia produces over 75%. Earlier this year, Calumet Electronics, one of a few American manufacturers producing components for microelectronics, announced an expansion creating 80 jobs in the Keweenaw Peninsula.

I support “Made-In-Michigan manufacturing, good jobs, and working families in the 1st District.

Jack Bergman owes hardworking families of the 1st District an explanation. Why did Jack Bergman vote against good-paying jobs? Why didn’t he support improving national security?

Why does our Congressman vote against us and not for us?

Unacceptable. Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula deserve real representation.


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