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Rep. Bergman votes against hunters and anglers on wildlife conservation

How can our Congressman claim to live in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula and not support hunters and anglers? We badly need new representation. Help Dr. Bob get to Congress.

Jack Bergman has the lowest score with the League of Conservation Voters of all Michigan representatives, 9%. Can you please contribute today so we can finally send Jack Bergman back to Louisiana?

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Rep. Jack Bergman voted 'No' on Tues. June 14 when the House passed the Recovering America's Wildlife Act (RAWA). The bill provides $1.4 billion in federal funding for existing State Wildlife Plans.

Wildlife conservationists, hunters, anglers, nature lovers, and job creators support RAWA. MI01's current representative, Jack Bergman, does not.

"Sadly, this perplexing vote is just another example of how my opponent votes against the interests of our district," said Dr. Bob Lorinser. "I don't know how he calls himself a conservationist when he's directly voting against our way of life."

A coalition of sportsmen and sportswomen, conservationists, scientists, states, Tribes, and wildlife advocates support RAWA. The bipartisan bill is backed by over 2,000 organizations, such as the National Wildlife Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, the Audubon Society, and the Nature Conservancy.

Under RAWA, Michigan could see an estimated $27 million annually to protect vulnerable species like lake sturgeon.

What does this bill do?

  • Addresses wildlife crises that threaten Americans' quality of life and our outdoor recreation economy. Outdoor recreation contributes $887 billion to our national economy annually, creates 7.6 million direct jobs, and generates $124.5 billion in federal, state, and local tax revenue

  • Funds wildlife conservation and restoration programs

  • Implements conservation education

  • Promotes wildlife-associated recreation

  • Prevents and controls invasive species and disease

  • Restores essential habitats and implements key conservation strategies

"These projects create good-paying jobs in the 1st District with substantial economic benefits," said Dr. Lorinser. "Additionally, outdoor recreation activities — hunting, fishing, and wildlife viewing — will be preserved.

"Why did he vote against us? Why did he vote against the environment, against good jobs for Michiganders? Don't tell me it was too expensive. He voted for unfunded tax cuts for the richest class and largest corporations Without conservation management, threats to wildlife could damage a $1 trillion contribution to our economy."

Dr. Bob Lorinser says MI01's next representative must support hunters and anglers.

"Connecting people with nature, promoting conservation education, and preserving outdoor recreation — RAWA is a good, clean, bipartisan bill. Thankfully, it passed, but I'm not sure Jack Bergman truly understands the Northern Michigan / UP way of life."

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