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Northern Michigan & UP plagued by suicide

Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula are desperate for help, and I'm committed to healing policy that will alleviate the pain and suffering of our struggling rural communities.

Help me advocate for mental healthcare legislation like the "Better Mental Health Care for Americans Act". Donate now.

Our district — and Nation — is suffering from a mental health crisis. Two counties in #MI01 have some of the worst suicide rates in America, and the top 12 counties in the state with the worst mental health outcomes are in Northern Michigan in the UP.

All health insurance plans should cover mental and behavioral healthcare, and the "Better Mental Health Care for Americans Act" calls for parity in coverage. Congress's duty is to promote the well-being of all Americans — including our Nation's most vulnerable.

Mental health care is healthcare, and healthcare is a human right. Lives are at stake, and Congress must pass this bill!

Counties in Michigan with the Highest Suicide Rates

[If you're geographically unfamiliar, all but one of these counties resides in Michigan's 1st Congressional District.]

Suicide rates are a stark reminder of the lack of mental health services available to citizens. Outside of the impact on the emotional and mental health of surviving friends, family members, and loved ones, suicide also has an economic impact and costs the United States an estimated $70 billion per year.

Alcona County in our district has a suicide rate comparable to the country of Guyana, which has the second worst mental health outcomes of any country in the world. Death by suicide in eight counties in Northern Michigan and the UP is double the state average.

Help me advocate for legislation like this. We need a publicly financed, national health insurance program to fully cover medical expenses for all Americans – including mental health care – and we need it now.

Join our fight. If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:


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